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Shaker Loops (Life After Human Life)

  • Tornstorm Auditorium 804 Oak Street Brainerd United States (map)

Life after human Life

In a world with daily reminders of the stress humanity puts on the earth and on itself, House of Makers wondered what humans actually bring to the stage that could not be found in other forms of life. This performance explores what would remain of Life after humans cease to exist.

Basic principles seem to remain; love, curiosity, animosity, playfulness, the desire to procreate, to pollinate, to spread, to grow. Disease will remain, death will remain, the sun will continue to rise and set on this planet. Even more complex systems will remain, like communities or forms of language.

Without humans there would be a lot less destruction, less waste, no weapons. And as a result probably a lot more natural beauty.

The performance seeks to research and express this. And it does so, paradoxically and intentionally, through the one beautiful contribution of humanity which would also cease to exist — music, dance, writing… art.

Music: John Adams, Shaker Loops

Choreography: Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair

Text: Sterre van Rossem

Dancers: Thomas Baker, Eva Burton, Christopher Kaiser, Jessica Lind, Emily Parker, Theodore Watler

Light design: Tlaloc Lopez-Waterman with House of Makers 

Costume design: House of Makers and Eleve Dancewear 

©Brian Simcoe of 'Life After Human Life' - Shaker Loops

©Brian Simcoe of 'Life After Human Life' - Shaker Loops

©Brian Simcoe. Rehearsal shot of ‘Life After Human Life' - Shaker Loops

©Brian Simcoe. Rehearsal shot of ‘Life After Human Life' - Shaker Loops

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