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HoM x CC Amstel: Perspective/s

House of Makers
House of Makers is an Amsterdam - Portland based performance company. Directed by Peter Leung (choreographer), Sterre van Rossem (writer) and Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair (dancer/ choreographer) in close collaboration with Nicholas Thayer (composer) and Wijnand van der Horst (light designer).

House of Makers explores the boundaries between various disciplines producing installations, live performances and film both for the regular stage and site-specific locations. They’re fascinated by the role of the performer and its relation to the audience, displacing expectations between disciplines, the performers and the audience.

Their work leans on live performance and has an inquisitive quality.

This time House of makers will dive deeper into some of their obsessions with other artists from various disciplines.

‘Shutdown in May’ by Frederik Kaijser   ©Alina Fejzo

‘Shutdown in May’ by Frederik Kaijser

©Alina Fejzo

With dance and literary performances House of Makers explores how what you know, influences what you experience.

House of Makers was founded on the belief that our different disciplines make one work accessible to more people. We are also aware of something else: people are actively contributing to the meaning of a piece when watching or experiencing it. The audience has a kind of co-authorship.

This evening we explore the question: how does what you know influence what you see and understand when coming to a performance?

‘Kin’ by Peter Leung  ©Juliette de Groot

‘Kin’ by Peter Leung

©Juliette de Groot

The question is one of our favourite obsessions. We have previously explored it by handing out different descriptions of a piece to different audience members, by giving a different title to the same installation depending on which door you entered the exhibition space, by letting audience members enter performances at a different time. We have taken audience members apart, offering them solo performances or have chosen to give different parts of the audience less or more information during a performance.

We like to deliberately set the audience up to think about how they co-create a piece, how they themselves add meaning to the work they experience and how a different perspective changes a performance. This evening will explore this with dance based and literary performances.

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