For Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, House of Makers created a multimedia and site specific performance. Through choreographed dance, text, sound art and movement based exploration of the space, the work reflected on the theme of the then current exhibition La La La Human Steps: the human condition. The performance playfully explores audience expectations and blurs boundaries between disciplines. Simultaneously it questions the difference between performance and sheer presence. By moving through the space, a dialogue between this work and the other pieces of the exhibition developed, bringing up questions about fate and all aspects of life.

Created by House of Makers


For this project House of Makers collaborated with sound artist Otium, film director Adrien Dantou, director of photography Bowie Verschuuren and film editor  Mona-Lise Lanfant and dancers Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair, James Stout, Skyler Martin, Clotilde Tran, Hannah de Klein and Tess Sturmann.