house of makers film ‘circe’

Arts company House of Makers presents Circe, a new short dance film made in collaboration with filmmaker Bowie Verschuuren. The short film captures a modern reimagining of the famous story by Homer, placing at its center not the lust of a man, but the love of a woman.

Using narration, original score and ballet this fresh approach conjures up a poetic world with a touch of modern realism.

We all know the story of Odysseus. The seafaring king, trying to find his way home. The story of the wreckage he leaves in his trail is considered heroic. Yet there is a different story, one less told, but perhaps more true. The story of a Circe, who lived in peace with the animals on her island. She was a witch, a lover, a mother. She invited Odysseus, a stranded stranger. She loved him, but he never really gave her his heart. And so she chose to send him on his way again.

Still 2.jpg

Circe - Nadine Drouin

Odysseus - Nicholas Rapaic

Animals - Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair, Skyler Martin, Martin ten Kortenaar, Rémy Catalan, Sem Sjouke, Nathan Brhane

Concept and production House of Makers

Filmed and edited by Bowie Verschuuren

Creative direction by Sterre van Rossem, Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair, Peter Leung

Written by Sterre van Rossem

Choreography by Peter Leung

Assistant choreographer Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair

Original music and sound design by Nicholas Robert Thayer

"Animal" written and performed by Thijs Havens

Mixed by Shai Solan

Styling by Dineke van Meeuwen

Circe's costume by Barbara Langendijk

Odysseus costume by H&M

Masks provided by Wintercroft

Camera assistant Sebastien Galtier 

Production assistants Pamela Kalkman, Clemens Fröhlich, 

With support from The Friends of the Dutch National Ballet, The Student Hotel Amsterdam, Open Studio, H&M

With thanks to Carine and Ben Kalkman, Esther Apituley