Come step into a strange, wonderful world with Eventide! An immersive theater experience brought to you by House of Makers!

We grow up so very fast; working to live and living to work. We spend so much time online, which is not a physical space. It doesn’t know the warmth of other bodies, or the jolt of suddenly looking someone in their eyes. Is this really the reality we want to create for ourselves?

House of Makers believes we could all benefit from a bit of wonder and a very real, offline experience. Eventide is an immersive theater experience which invites play, wonder and excitement. Step into the unknown and explore the boundaries of what is familiar. Think of this performance as a time machine, throwing you back to when you were a kid. At the start of it all and so eager for any experience.

9, 10, 11 maart 2018 / 20:00 / Ostade A’dam

Eventide ©Anouk van Kalmthout
Eventide ©Anouk van Kalmthout

Creative Direction: Sterre van Rossem, Peter Leung & Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair

Script: Sterre van Rossem

Composer / Sound designer: Nicholas Robert Thayer

Choreography: Peter Leung

Dancers: Tess Sturmann, Frederik Kaijser, Carlo Camagni

Actor: Theo de Groot

Installation art: Frouke ten Velden

Visual design: Hendrik Walther

Video & Visual: Willem Stapel