Fading into grey

With this dreamy multi media performance we presented a world fading in colour.  In this world, a couple is rethinking their time together, how they met, how they lived...

This fading world is a metaphor for time passing and with time, everything. Thoughts and notions slowly disappear into nothingness. Faces, distinguishing characteristics, memories, ideals, all fade into grey. Until everything becomes the same colour, a blank slate, a new canvas for the whole thing to start again. New thoughts, new ideas, new personalities which will, in time, dissolve. We won't be there to witness them all. Just one of these passings, if we are lucky.

Premiere Nederlandse Dans Dagen 2017

Concept + Production: House of Makers

Dancers: Clotilde Tran & Daniel Montero Real

Light:  Hendrik Walther + Wijnand van der Horst

Visuals: Hendrik Walther

Music: Nicholas Robert Thayer + Shostakovich

Text: Sterre van Rossem

Choreography: Peter Leung 


Video re-cap of HoM at Nederlandse Dans Dagen edited by and to the score composed by Nicholas Robert Thayer.