is an interdisciplinary art happening that includes live performance, video, light design, live music, text and experimental soundscapes. The live performance in 2014 in Brooklyn, NY included dancers from NYC Ballet and musicians from Julliard.

House of Makers and Last Hour collaborated across the globe to create a visually stunning, sonically mesmerizing and cutting edge immersive event. Referencing the  form of an "art happening" and introducing it into a contemporary conversation happyokay encouraged visitors to perceive, interact and explore the installational performance.


Creative Direction: House of Makers & Last Hour

For this project House of Makers collaborated with film director Elena Parasco (Last Hour), light designer Wijnand van der Horst, sound artist Otium, musical director Taylor Ward, director of photography Nick Wiesner,  film editor Thomas Niles, technical director Mike Donaghey, production assistant Jazia Hammoudi and dancers Harrison Ball, Joseph Gordon & Megan LeCrone.

Location and Event Livestream: Livestream Public