we shall meet in the place where there is no darkness 

During our week long residency at Ostade A’dam, we took inspiration from 1984, George Orwell’s famous dystopian fiction. Feeling that his work is relevant now more than ever, we explored the power and place of language in today’s society, taking Orwell’s notion of doublespeak as their starting point.
For these work-in-progress performances we worked with a diverse group of artists ranging from musicians to photographers.


We shall meet was a collaboration between  the following artists:

Music: Ensemble Klang // Nicholas Robert Thayer // Arwen van der Burg

Dancers: Nadine Drouin // Skyler Martin // Clotilde Tran // Michaela DePrince // Young-Gyu Choi // Sasha Mukhamedov

Designer: David Laport

Visuals: Anouk van Kalmthout / Willem Stapel / Luke Shirock

Light: Wijnand van der Horst